Can you really banish junk food cravings?

Can you really banish junk food cravings? One of the most difficult challenges on your journey to reach your ideal weight is learning how to deal with cravings. Cravings can appear out of nowhere for a variety of reasons. They can be tied to a specific nutritional deficiency, caused by stress, or brought  on as … Read more

Test Your Fat I.Q.

Knowing the facts about training, nutrition and exercise is the key to becoming fit, reaching your goals, feeling better, having more energy and being healthier. Following is a list of fitness facts and falsehoods. Can you tell which statements are true or false? Answers follow the questions. 1. Skipping breakfast is a great way to … Read more

Earth Diet approved restaurants in Philadelphia!

Last week I was in Philadelphia, PA for the Natural Product Expo, Expo East. While in town I ate at some delicious spots in Philly! One of my favorite things about traveling is getting to try new restaurants and scouting out places to eat in each place I visit that are local, organic, non-GMO, and use … Read more